MobileMe and iPhone 3.0

The improvements and security of using Apple’s MobileMe with the iPhone may keep the subscriptions for MobileMe strong. In the last years, I have been using more and more Google and less of Apple’s solution. This may change (or at least make sense to keep a $99/year subscription going).

Two things I really like about the iPhone 3.0 and MobileMe is the expected release of an iDisk App for the iPhone that will allow the sharing or access of documents or files with the iPhone. Looks to be simple and a good tie in of the MobileMe system, the storage Apple provides with this subscription and an iPhone App.

The second item MobileMe will have going for it will be a locate option (or Find My iPhone). This will do a number of GREAT things that any iPhone owner would appreciate when they go those moments of panic when they feel their pocket or bag and do not see or feel the beloved iPhone.

First using the same system the iPhone uses to locate itself, the iPhone will display on a map giving you a general idea of where the phone is. If you find out it is at home, but maybe squished under a cushion on the couch, send a sound to the phone for 2 minutes to help you locate it. If you left it at the gym, type in a message asking the finder to send you a note to pick it up.

If all else fails, remote wipe will reset the iPhone to factory settings and remove all personal information. If the iPhone is found and reconnected to your PC the iPhone will restore from the last backup and all will be back to normal – if not, the person with the iPhone in hand will have an iPhone, but none of your info – which is a very good thing.


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