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RunKeeper Pro FREE through January 2011

RunKeeper, a FANTASTIC application (and one of LifeHacker’s favorites)I have been using for about a year on the iPhone is available for about a month for FREE (normally $10).

If you are a runner or plan on running in 2011, this application tracks (using GPS or manual input) runs (or walks or cycling etc) and keeps tracks of this information for you on their website.  Looking for how long, how fast and maybe even how high your last run was, look no further!  This is an AWESOME app and worth the $10 BUT save the money and grab it right now…

A few notes.  I have found it works best with an arm band (I have been using the Belkin) so it has good GPS reception.  As RunKeeper has been doing their updates, they have become more accurate and very stable.

Again, if a 2011 resolution is running (or running more), grab this app for your iPhone or Android phone and enjoy.  Great work guys…

UPDATE Feb 2011:  Runkeeper announced in January that they would keep Runkeeper Pro free permanently!  Many people ask me what apps are must have for an iPhone – if you are a runner (or just generally active), Runkeeper Pro is a no-brainer.  Grab it for your iPhone (or Android phone) today!


Updating an iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4.0

Apple makes the process of updating an existing iPhone very simple by using iTunes as the tool for all software updates, applications and backup of the settings, content and other information.

If you have an iPhone 3GS (there appear to be some issues with the first generation phone, iPhone 3G, so updating at this time is NOT recommended), a connection to your computer with the USB cable should start iTunes and let you know there is a software update for the iPhone. I would recommend a Download and Install choice and give the process at least 30 minutes.

iTunes first downloads the latest version of the iPhone software (iOS 4) and then will erase, update and ask if you want to restore all your information to the iPhone as it was before you began the update. For most users, this is what I would recommend since the system will put music, movies, settings for email and calendars as well as photos back onto the device. Again, this could take another 15-30 minutes depending on how much info you have or had on the phone, so it is recommended that you do not do this when in a rush or heading out of the house for some reason…

Since iTunes manages your media and your iPhone, it is recommended you connect the iPhone to a computer once every week or two. This accomplishes a few things. It backs up your phone, data and settings. It will pull photos and videos from your phone into iPhoto for sharing and checks with Apple to see if there are updates to your phone which could improve performance, stability or reliability.

Questions – let us know…

Wired App for the iPad is live!

Wired released an iPad app from Condé Nast Digital Wednesday. The app currently costs $4.99 (which is less then the newsstand price but more than the subscription cost). This is a wonderful and exciting multimedia version of the paper copy of the magazine I have on my night stand right now (got it in the mail on Friday).

The Wired app weighs in at about 550MB and required a lot of work since Wired’s first version relied heavily on Flash (and we all know how the iPad works with Flash – it doesn’t and it won’t!). Obviously it is portable and if a subscription model is created (buy a year of downloads for $10 for instance) – I’d be signing up and converting my physical to digital right now… There is still a way to go, but it appears to be the start of something great and another example of what publishers and the iPad can do.

More to come following the commute and a trial run…

UPDATE:  Well, the rich magazine experience is amazing – first generation (there are some bumps with how you interact with the “magazine” but amazing non the less).  Some of the navigation feels a lot like Wired (I recall early versions that were orange text on silver pages – pretty but sometimes hard to read), but not as intuitive as one would expect.  For instance when you get into a story, there are times you scroll up and down – not left and right.  Once you get it – it works, but weird when books and other magazines are VERY left to right linear.

Check out a video of the App in action

Foursquare – Some companies seem to be getting it…


A few months ago I started playing with Foursquare. It is an iPhone (android, blackberry etc) app that allows people to check-in as they go from place to place and rack up points. For example, I go from the house to the train station to Penn Station, I can get 6 points, add the Gym, Starbucks and a lunch run and I’m up to 10-20 points.

Now, go some place new or “off the beaten path” and you can add a new location and rack up more points, unlock “badges”, become “mayor” of a location, and beat your friends in a weekly point battle – fun, but so what you say…. That is where I have been the last couple of weeks UNTIL

I checked into my office and a little tag popped up on the screen “special nearby”. I check into Crunch as a new user and non-member I can get a free week guest pass, check in as Mayor and get a bottle of water. Now, this is getting interesting. Starbucks is doing something similar with mayors getting $1 off a drink.

Imagine walking into a Subway, Starbucks or Duane Reade and getting a coupon I can use immediately on something they can scan off the phone – this is getting interesting. I still need to interact with it so I’m not feeling like someone is invading my “personal space”, but what a great idea.

Anyone have any thoughts, let us know. If you have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device, try it out and let us know what you think…

Tweetie 2 looks like it will be Twitter in the next day or so…

Screen shot 2010-05-19 at 6.22.19 AM.png

Tweetie, my favorite Twitter app was purchased by Twitter in April (twitter blog) and has been expected to be updated and rebranded Twitter for the iPhone.

This evening while checking for other updates to my iPhone apps, Twitter 3.0 (with the old favorite Tweetie icon) appeared but would not allow for a download (YET). My guess in the next 12-24 hours the app will be updated and ready for download and I cannot wait to see what they have done to an already solid (and what I would consider the BEST) Twitter app for the iPhone (and Mac). More to come – hopefully it will float down to my iPhone/iPad in the morning…

UPDATE Wed Morning: Still no download option but it should be soon..

UPDATE2 Wednesday Mid-day – Download the update now!  Online in the USA

iPhone Update this Summer (OS4)

Another beta of the iPhone 4.0 OS appeared yesterday for developers.  This version and release is showing the ability to use file sharing (finally) within the OS.  I really want to see something that automatically syncs files wirelessly between the iPhone/iPad and a desktop.

This iPhone 4 information is outlined in MacRumors.  There are also discussions about the use of multi-tasking and closing apps when needed.

I’m looking forward to the release of version 4 for many reasons – I also wonder if 3.2 will be coming for the iPhone in May and if a 3.2.x update will appear in the next few weeks for the iPad.  Sure hope so…

1 Million iPads

The iPad has sold 1M units (Apple PR Article) in the last 28 days.

12 Million apps from the iTunes store, 1.5 Million eBooks. Amazing! The system is really solid and I believe the reason all this moves so quickly to the 1M mark is the base iPhone OS provides the stability, experience and multiple generation of software give an amazing base.

The apps also make for a solid, expandable system.