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RunKeeper Pro FREE through January 2011

RunKeeper, a FANTASTIC application (and one of LifeHacker’s favorites)I have been using for about a year on the iPhone is available for about a month for FREE (normally $10).

If you are a runner or plan on running in 2011, this application tracks (using GPS or manual input) runs (or walks or cycling etc) and keeps tracks of this information for you on their website.  Looking for how long, how fast and maybe even how high your last run was, look no further!  This is an AWESOME app and worth the $10 BUT save the money and grab it right now…

A few notes.  I have found it works best with an arm band (I have been using the Belkin) so it has good GPS reception.  As RunKeeper has been doing their updates, they have become more accurate and very stable.

Again, if a 2011 resolution is running (or running more), grab this app for your iPhone or Android phone and enjoy.  Great work guys…

UPDATE Feb 2011:  Runkeeper announced in January that they would keep Runkeeper Pro free permanently!  Many people ask me what apps are must have for an iPhone – if you are a runner (or just generally active), Runkeeper Pro is a no-brainer.  Grab it for your iPhone (or Android phone) today!


1/2 marathon update

sunday the 27th i completed my first official 1/2 marathon (nike nyc 1/2). 13.1 miles and really happy (1:56:19 official time).

next year i may do it again and hopefully without a head full of snot! i was amazed that i did as well as i did with my breathing hindered.

now i just have to say i managed to keep a sub 9-minute mile for the 13 miles (and even missed the “fuel” station at mile 9) but the winner finished in just over 1 hour (about a 4:30 pace). how does someone do that!?!? amazing.

a new catagory

so i’m a geek… i like technology and it is what keeps me thinking about “stuff” at night, that being said, i run! silence, oxymoron (or just moron)…

over the last 5 years i have had fits and starts, but more steady running than i would have given myself credit for. i have run 5k, 10k and an ad-hoc 1/2 marathon with a friend (who was running the full thing). i have run 10+ miles at a time and “like” it. most of all, for me – it is a real good workout and i feel like i do not get these kind of results from any other exercise.

i have signed up for the NYC Nike 1/2 marathon (which is a lottery and will be interested to see if i get in during the next couple of weeks – i hope). I have been working with a Nike training schedule to achieve a sub-2 hour run (hopefully closer to 1:50). This week i ran 26 miles (7 mi monday, 3 mi tuesday, 7 mi wednesday, 9 mi friday) and it actually feels good.

i’m really feeling like my body is burning “stuff” day and night right now – which is great. i found a couple of years ago when i was running that i hit a wall with the 3 mile runs and upped to 5 miles. after a week or two i plateaued and did not really see or feel changes until i hit 7 miles.

with runs between 7 and 10 miles over the next couple of weeks i feel like i’ll be in real good shape to prepare for steady 9 minute mile (getting me in JUST under 2 hours). a friend here at redeemer shared a friends’ blog with me (who ran the boston marathon in under 3 hours!). it is very interesting how runners think and work together. it is a sport i enjoy (hard, but enjoyable).

i’m also looking for fuel for the middle of a race. i’ve used gu, not the best tasting stuff – but boy does it work! anyone else have any suggestions about mid-run fuel?

i hope you do not mind the tangent every once in a while from tech to talk running… if so, let me know and i’ll take my communication elsewhere.