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Tim Keller on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Tim Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC speaks about his weekend sermon topic and touches on his latest book – King’s Cross


RunKeeper Pro FREE through January 2011

RunKeeper, a FANTASTIC application (and one of LifeHacker’s favorites)I have been using for about a year on the iPhone is available for about a month for FREE (normally $10).

If you are a runner or plan on running in 2011, this application tracks (using GPS or manual input) runs (or walks or cycling etc) and keeps tracks of this information for you on their website.  Looking for how long, how fast and maybe even how high your last run was, look no further!  This is an AWESOME app and worth the $10 BUT save the money and grab it right now…

A few notes.  I have found it works best with an arm band (I have been using the Belkin) so it has good GPS reception.  As RunKeeper has been doing their updates, they have become more accurate and very stable.

Again, if a 2011 resolution is running (or running more), grab this app for your iPhone or Android phone and enjoy.  Great work guys…

UPDATE Feb 2011:  Runkeeper announced in January that they would keep Runkeeper Pro free permanently!  Many people ask me what apps are must have for an iPhone – if you are a runner (or just generally active), Runkeeper Pro is a no-brainer.  Grab it for your iPhone (or Android phone) today!

Foursquare – Some companies seem to be getting it…


A few months ago I started playing with Foursquare. It is an iPhone (android, blackberry etc) app that allows people to check-in as they go from place to place and rack up points. For example, I go from the house to the train station to Penn Station, I can get 6 points, add the Gym, Starbucks and a lunch run and I’m up to 10-20 points.

Now, go some place new or “off the beaten path” and you can add a new location and rack up more points, unlock “badges”, become “mayor” of a location, and beat your friends in a weekly point battle – fun, but so what you say…. That is where I have been the last couple of weeks UNTIL

I checked into my office and a little tag popped up on the screen “special nearby”. I check into Crunch as a new user and non-member I can get a free week guest pass, check in as Mayor and get a bottle of water. Now, this is getting interesting. Starbucks is doing something similar with mayors getting $1 off a drink.

Imagine walking into a Subway, Starbucks or Duane Reade and getting a coupon I can use immediately on something they can scan off the phone – this is getting interesting. I still need to interact with it so I’m not feeling like someone is invading my “personal space”, but what a great idea.

Anyone have any thoughts, let us know. If you have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device, try it out and let us know what you think…

Darth Vader records his voice for TomTom

Came across this funny youtube video of Darth Vader doing the voice recording for Tom Tom (happy Star Wars day everyone – by the way).


Spot Switch offers possible parking options

A friend (thanks Paul) turned me onto an another parking app (Spot Switch) which does a lot of what Sally Park (blog review) does, with the added bonus of being a parking spot sharing application.

The idea is this: You find a SWEET spot on the streets of NYC or Hoboken and park your car. When you return (or just before), you press the car icon in the application and then alert the system (pressing the key icon) that you will be leaving shortly.

Now, with the power of users and sharing, someone else in the area with the application can see that a spot is opening up shortly, where (approximately) the car is located and what kind of car (e.g. black crown victoria). Very smart! Spot Switch is free and worth a shot. It can keep track of your car (which is a huge plus) but also with the power of users can minimize the joy of circling the streets of your city waiting for that blinker and the car to pull out just in front of you…

Merge all duplicate contacts in Google Contacts

Just yesterday, Google released a “find duplicate” option in Google Contacts. About 2 hours before I was attempting to do just this manually (export a CSV file, remove dupes, upload the “clean” CSV file). After about an hour of frustration with the CSV file, I was about to bag it and saw this note.

I re-imported the duplicate-laden (1600 contact) file to Google Contacts, clicked the button and watched the system merge and clean my contacts to about 450 (in 15 seconds).

I have this technology knack of doing something with technology that is time-consuming and frustrating only to find in the following 12-24 hours it has been done easier and better than I just did it 🙂

If you have contacts in Google (use Gmail or Google Apps), check this out – it is wonderful and saves a lot of headaches…

Offline Gmail graduates

Google has “graduated” offline gmail [gmail blog]. For those users that may not always have an internet connection (commuting for instance), this option pulls a set amount of email onto the computer and allows for the system to be used while “offline”.

Once the internet connection is restored, information syncs and the system works normally. This is fantastic for people (like myself) that enjoy working with Gmail but do not want to rely on a client (e.g. outlook).

Check it out in Settings>Offline