AppleTV Review part 1


As a wonderful gift from my family I received an early gift of a shiny new black AppleTV.  It is small yet powerful.  Unfortunately the one question not asked by the Apple sales rep in the Short Hills store where my wife picked it up was – Do you have a TV with HDMI…

We do not have a TV with HDMI (the last TV we bought was a very heavy Phillips 32″ CRT about 6 years ago).  I do have a computer monitor with HDMI and that is where I connected it to begin the playing…  I would love to see the AppleTV in the TV cabinet (and it will be there someday soon) in all it’s small little glory.

Setup was all of 3 minutes.  Pick a language, pick a WiFi access point to connect to and off you go.  Once you get to the main menu, connect to your library via Home Sharing in iTunes to one of the home machines and off you go…  Music, movies, TV shows, anything in the iTunes library is available to the AppleTV.

A few first impressions:

  • 802.11g network seems to work fine, but 802.11n would be much snappier
  • A TV with HDMI is imperative (no longer options for a composite connection)
  • Items cannot be purchased on the AppleTV (they can be rented)
  • The iTunes library must be online and available to access the media

I’m going to do a little more work with this tonight and followup with a part two.

Please post comments or email with questions you may have or like answered…




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