iTV appearing tomorrow (Sept 1) at the Apple Event

Apple is expected to release a series of things tomorrow during their “music themed” Sept 1 event in CA. iPod Nano and Touch devices are expected to be revamped for the fall and with the Touch getting a forward facing camera and access to FaceTime over wifi. Cool for sure…

The other long-standing rumor is the revisiting of Apple’s “hobby” the AppleTV. This AppleTV system is long overdue for a update. The hardware and storage were both showing their age in storage, hardware performance and the abilities to support newer 1080p HDTVs. This all appears to be changing September 1, 2010.

The updated AppleTV is expected to be re-branded the iTV and will use the Apple iOS that is running on the iPhones and iPads now. Storage is not expected to be one of the cornerstones of the new device, but streaming access to media from personal iTunes libraries, the internet from Netflix and possibly Apple Apps from iTunes similar to ABC, Hulu and others for streaming content. This would finally bring the AppleTV to a place where cable could disappear a little easier and the big ‘ole TV in the family still got some family time…

More to come following the Apple event Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: Apple will stream the event live on their website. Check tomorrow at 10am PDT and read the press release now:


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