Apple updates the Mac Mini

Apple quietly updated the Mac Mini about a week ago with some long-deserved changes. The case is now similar the laptop line with an aluminum case but is now easier to add memory and get to the inside with a removable panel on the bottom.

The new model has FireWire 800, four USB ports, SD card slot, and HDMI for easy connection to a TV. An updated processor and graphics processor round out the update providing for a very attractive (both technically and physically) designed machine. One thing that is most unusual about this update is the cost of the machine has crept up from about $500 to $650.

With all this, my question is an AppleTV on the way using much of the core of the Mini? I sure hope so and if they can work it out with the video out (HDMI and Component) and a solid graphic processor and the underlining system processor (maybe running the iOS 4 software) this could move the AppleTV out of “hobby” status.

All in all, the Mini is a solid machine for the beginner or someone looking for a second machine they could purchase at a very reasonable price point.


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