iOS 4 (new iPhone software) coming Monday!

Apple will release iOS 4 (the latest iPhone and iTouch system Monday, June 21). This comes about 4 days before the new iPhone itself hits the streets (June 24) so Apple has learned something; Stagger… Let the iOS hit the streets, let people get their hands on it and play with it – AND THEN, release the new iPhone with the new iOS system and demand should look a little more reasonable come Thursday so support for the iPhone can be dedicated to the phone…

A few things to keep in mind. The Apple software (Mail, Safari, iPod and others) will work smoothly with the multitasking, the other software you have on the iPhone will require an update to be fully iPhone 4 ready.

Many programs run, but are buggy (in my experience the NYTimes app crashes A LOT under iPhone 4). According to a number of developers, Apple appears to be queuing up the iOS 4.0 software for availability today (in line with the OS update and release). Keep your eyes peeled for the update to hit iTunes sometime today, then I would expect by the end of the day, plenty of iPhone app updates to start showing up too…

Let us know your experiences and thoughts about the new iPhone OS (iOS)…


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