Wired App for the iPad is live!

Wired released an iPad app from Condé Nast Digital Wednesday. The app currently costs $4.99 (which is less then the newsstand price but more than the subscription cost). This is a wonderful and exciting multimedia version of the paper copy of the magazine I have on my night stand right now (got it in the mail on Friday).

The Wired app weighs in at about 550MB and required a lot of work since Wired’s first version relied heavily on Flash (and we all know how the iPad works with Flash – it doesn’t and it won’t!). Obviously it is portable and if a subscription model is created (buy a year of downloads for $10 for instance) – I’d be signing up and converting my physical to digital right now… There is still a way to go, but it appears to be the start of something great and another example of what publishers and the iPad can do.

More to come following the commute and a trial run…

UPDATE:  Well, the rich magazine experience is amazing – first generation (there are some bumps with how you interact with the “magazine” but amazing non the less).  Some of the navigation feels a lot like Wired (I recall early versions that were orange text on silver pages – pretty but sometimes hard to read), but not as intuitive as one would expect.  For instance when you get into a story, there are times you scroll up and down – not left and right.  Once you get it – it works, but weird when books and other magazines are VERY left to right linear.

Check out a video of the App in action

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