iPhone 3G begins to disappear

The iPhone 3G (NOT the GS) has started to disappear from various retail chains and for those few that still have the phone in stock, the price has been lowered to make it even more attractive (from TUAW).

The expectation is WWDC (Apple’s World-wide Developers Conference) is in about 2 weeks and a new iPhone (4G?) is expected. When that happens the thought is the 16GB 3GS will fill the void the 8GB 3G left and the new 4G versions will look something like 16GB, 32GB and 64GB…

Rumors still abound regarding forward-facing cameras, 4.0 software updates and case style and colors (white?), but come June 7, I’m guessing we will all know for sure… The hope is that on June 7, Apple will officially release iPhone 4.0 for the iPhone 3GS (with multitasking among other things) and the world will be a very happy place (for about 6 months till the Apple geeks want/expect something new, myself included).

Stay tuned…

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