Steve Jobs posts an Open Letter about Flash

Apple and Adobe have been going back and forth quite a bit over the last months about Flash and the exclusion from Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad hardware. Everyone have been wondering if this is purely a turf war or actually a stand on moving systems and solutions on the web into a more “open” technology world.

In this open letter from Steve Jobs (Apple’s site), a compelling and concise outline is defined as to why Apple has not adopted Adobe’s Flash on their devices. I would encourage those wondering and a bit frustrated on the lack of Flash on Apple devices to give this a read. Sure it is from the CEO of Apple, but he does a great job explaining the personal as well as technical relationship of this kind of technology on the devices so many of us use every day.

Now the question is, how long before Adobe responds in kind…

UPDATE: Well, that did not take too long 🙂
Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen responds in an interview with the Wall Street Journal blog.

First Jobs wrote this out – thoughtful and polished. Narayen seems to respond more emotionally and personally which may not work all that well. Jobs outlines the technical rationale – which is hard for the average joe (myself included) to contradict.

Read (and view it shortly) the interview for yourself…


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