Sally Park for the iPhone

Sally Park is a simple and beautiful application for the iPhone. Have you every visited a friend, parked the car by the light of the afternoon, sat down and had dinner and then walked out completely turned around wondering what street or in front of which house you parked your car (this is generally more of an issue in the NYC area, but it does happen in other places).

Sally Park marks a location (using GPS) along with any notes (e.g. in front of the green apartment building) and a pin drop where you parked your car. Walk out of the same restaurant a few hours later and reopen Sally Park and it will direct you via a map and or just a compass with about how many meters you are from your car.

Simple, elegant, genius! Nice work guys. Grab it (especially if you street park on occasion) for $0.99 from iTunes store before the price goes up. Easily worth the $1!


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2 responses to “Sally Park for the iPhone”

  1. Matthew says :

    Have you actually used it?

    While a strikingly good looking app, I’m finding that the accuracy is hit or miss. Because I can’t reposition the pin location (if it’s incorrect-and I’ve found it to be up to a full block off) it’s really not usable.

    FWIW, I spoke with the developer today and he plans on adding the ability to relocate the pin in the future.

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