Mac OS 10.6.3, iTunes 9.1 and more to come

This being the last few days before the iPad hits stores (though without a pre-order it sounds like it will take a couple of more weeks to get one), Apple is rolling out Snow Leopard (10.6) updates to correct some security and stability issues, iTunes 9.1 to provide the systems to work with the iPad and the new iBook format and an expected release of the iPhone 3.2 software (I’m guessing Wednesday or Thursday).

The iPad is said to be running a version of the iPhone 3.2 software so I’m guessing everything will be on par when UPS comes-a-knocking on Saturday. Apple also provided for in-store pickups of the iPad, but according to all reports, all the pre-orders have been filled. Anyone ordering one from the Apple web store is getting a delivery date of 3-12-10 (about 10 days from the first ones getting into people’s hands). I’m also guessing that Apple will be pushing product into the stores so people and look and touch the device (and will have some supply in select retail stores).

I’m very excited to see how the iPad looks and feels. It seems to be a good solution for a number of things and if all goes as expected, the iTunes App Store should have a good selection of iPad apps at release too.

The books still leave some questions in the air – will I be able to move a physical subscription to digital (I really want Wired, Fast Company, Inc and some other technical books in iBook format very soon). I would also love to have some of the technical books (e.g. VMware VSphere) in an iBook format.

It appears as if some of the publishers (Condé Nast for one – from TUAW) will be moving to a digital realm and to top it off – they also appear to be working with advertisers to get digital versions of ads into these new magazines. We will know more in the coming days – stay tuned.


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