iPad getting more support from Condé Nast

In a memo from Condé Nast, a list of magazines [via TUAW] including GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, Glamor and the New Yorker will be available for the iPad at or close to launch (which is still unclear when “launch” will be).

Now as someone who loves Wired Magazine (and has subscribed for years), I would love to see a publisher embrace the iPad and the current and new subscribers. I would love to see an option as a physical subscriber to get a note asking if I would like to convert to digital. I keep many (many) issues of Wired and this would be really great in a digital, searchable format that I could take with me (I frequently throw them into a bag, but this would be awesome).

It is expected the iPad will become available this month (at least the wifi version) but there are still many things that are unanswered about the device, what it can and cannot do and really how well it will work. All that being said, as we approach the release of this new device and companies keep showing their hands about the products they may release with the iPad – things are getting exciting!


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