Square for the iPhone

A company (Square) is working on a release of their application which ties into the iPhone and allows the swipe of a credit card, payments and signing the receipts.

The Apple Blog has a nice article and info about the new device which should be coming soon. I think about this as a possible solution for my consulting company. I have wonderful clients that pay right away via check, but sometimes it can take a bit. Would it beneficial to have another option (of course), does it make sense to pay 3% of the charge back to AMEX or Mastercard – not too sure.

I love the idea, love the implementation and love the app. Would love to take a personal look at it and test it out with some clients and see how it actually works… More to come if I get access to the device and the software… Wait, wait, wait.


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One response to “Square for the iPhone”

  1. Robert Andrew Smith says :

    If you want to use the iPhone for merchant services, then also checkout the “Merchant Anywhere” app. It already does what you are describing. Also, at the time of this writing, one can only enter the card numbers. No app can use a hardware accessory with the iPhone for swiping the card. Apparently Apple has not yet opened the bluetooth channel for cardswipe hardware.
    Also, if you want to accept “cards” electronically, you can sign up for PC Merchant services. Quickbooks Merchant Services is probably the most popular one. Contact your bank, however. They can always recommend a merchant services provider that offers deals through their bank.
    I look forward to reading more about the Square app…

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