iPad impressions a few days later

After a few days and more info (but still 2 months from getting one in anyones hands), I continue to see a value in this tool. There are a few things – BUTS if you will…

I (along with loads of other people) want a great task list – The Omni Group is talking about migrating their apps to the iPad screen and platform. I would really like to see an Apple or excellent task list for the iPad. Omnifocus is something I like for the iPhone but cannot really use it efficiently with the smaller screen. Things or The Hit List would be a nice addition.

I also have been looking at Billings 3 and Billings Touch. I want to have something that can take the place of a laptop when working with clients – tracking time, taking notes and communicating with clients without having to do work twice… NOTE: I have a beef with Marketcircle (Billings 3) right now since I feel a bit cheated by the “in-store purchase” of Billings Touch when the App is “free” from the iTunes App Store, but I’m waiting to see if I hear anything back from their PR/Sales people…

I also want to see how I can interact with the iBooks app. If I could download a VMWare vSphere 4 book (one that I have a physical copy of right now for $40 and ~500 pages which I do not take with me ’cause of the size), highlight, notes and link to a web site from within the book – no brainer for me (and millions of high school and college students).

Another thing for me (and a growing number of other people) will be how people continue to interact with email. I love the way Mail looks on the iPad, but I have not used an email client in over a year. I am getting to the point that there is so much email I would much rather get it on my iPhone or via the web from anywhere than have a client I have to use… This will be an interesting test since I do not feel a need for an iPad with 3G, how could I interact with email “offline”? Remains to be seen (and if Google continues to rock the Mobile Google pages – this could easily be a solution).

Much more to come over the next couple of months and of course, a hands-on as soon as humanly possibly…


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