Apple releases the iPad

Apple today released the iPad. First, the biggest question would be would this device run around the “Apple price point” or cost what most people hoped would be a “reasonable” amount for this type of product. The device is starting at $499! Amazing! There will be three models at release (16/32/64GB) running at $100 increments. There will also be a 3G model that will tie into AT&T’s network for $629/$729/$829 (with the plans running from $15-30 depending on the use – 250MB to unlimited/month).

The NYTimes will release an app that will “play” the paper on the iPad and they have an article on the iPad.

The iPad will have an special version of the iWork applications (pages, keynote and numbers). Each will cost $9.99/app. The iPad will also work with iPhone apps and connect to system for charging (10 hour battery life and 1 month stand-by) and syncing/updates.

Apple will also have an app called iBooks which will take on the Amazon Kindle ($489 for the DX – Amazon’s Larger model), this is going to directly compete with the device. With agreements from the following publishers Hachette, Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan it seems like they can move right into the market ($7.99-15/book is seems to be a great option).

Now, we all just have to wait a month or two for the device to become available so we can actually get our grubby paws on the thing – but i’m feeling the pull…


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