Nexus One – Google’s Phone

Google has released “their own phone” with the help of HTC. The Nexus One is a phone that Google has worked on from the ground up with HTC to address a number of things.

First, it is running the Google Android (Google’s Operating System) version 2.1 (The Motorola Droid from Verizon is running 2.0). Google has said an update to phones running older software will be available shortly – so you should be able to update the Droid (and maybe the Eris) to 2.1 – that would be cool… (the talk is that around the 22 of Jan an update will be available to the Droid and Eris).

Everything about this phone looks and seems to be going in the right direction – this review from David Pogue at the NYTimes I believe is a great summary of the Nexus One.

Read, review, consider… I know I am…

A few notes: right now the Nexus One is being subsidized by T-Mobile ($180) or unlocked ($~500) and an expected verizon option is in the works and should be available the first half of 2010 (I’d guess close to the T-Mobile price). Carriers are a big part of the solution today (for example the iPhone is a great device, but a average phone). Again options are not a bad thing!


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