Apple Tablet for Early 2010?

For the last couple of years, the internet has been discussing the possibility of an Apple Tablet (I like to call it an “applet” – though I may not be the first). The talk is that it would be essentially a large iPhone (8-10″) with only a touch screen…

Apple generally participates in MacWorld in San Francisco early in January but Apple has pulled out of MacWorld AND CES (Consumer Electronics Show) but the latest is that Apple may be doing it’s own announcement/event towards the end of January.

What I would like to see and what the internet is buzzing about:
A 10″ tablet PC with a full version of Mac OS X installed
Simple wireless (802.11n) connection
Excellent touch keyboard (a lot like the iPhone) with the option to add a physical keyboard/mouse via Bluetooth or USB
Storage on the device of at least 160GB (320GB would be GREAT)
Battery life of 8+ hours

Other ideas, requests?

Only end of January will show us the future…


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