Merge all duplicate contacts in Google Contacts

Just yesterday, Google released a “find duplicate” option in Google Contacts. About 2 hours before I was attempting to do just this manually (export a CSV file, remove dupes, upload the “clean” CSV file). After about an hour of frustration with the CSV file, I was about to bag it and saw this note.

I re-imported the duplicate-laden (1600 contact) file to Google Contacts, clicked the button and watched the system merge and clean my contacts to about 450 (in 15 seconds).

I have this technology knack of doing something with technology that is time-consuming and frustrating only to find in the following 12-24 hours it has been done easier and better than I just did it 🙂

If you have contacts in Google (use Gmail or Google Apps), check this out – it is wonderful and saves a lot of headaches…


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