Apple TV update to 3.0.1

For those with Apple TVs, Apple released an update from 3.0 (which was released about 2 weeks ago) to 3.0.1 and sent out emails urging people to make sure they update as soon as possible.

What happens is the system appears to be missing some media – According to Apple, the system can be re-synced to remedy the issue OR run this update.

It is not common for Apple to send out an email about a software update like this UNLESS they are getting a serious number of calls or complaints about the 3.0 software “breaking” people’s Apple TVs connections to their computers. Follow the instructions below or check the website above.

There is an issue with Apple TV software version 3.0 that can possibly cause your content to disappear after a period of time. All customers running Apple TV software version 3.0 should immediately restart their Apple TV and then upgrade to Apple TV software version 3.0.1.

For either symptom, do the following:

*Restart your Apple TV by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.
*Select Settings > General from the main menu.
*Select Update Software.
*Select Download and Install when prompted.

Note: Your Apple TV will restart; this is followed by the Apple logo and a status bar.
If the issue persists, try disconnecting your Apple TV from your computer, and then connecting it again. To disconnect and then reconnect a computer:

On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Computers.
*Select your iTunes library to disconnect.
*Select your iTunes library again to reconnect.


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  1. verty70 says :

    I really like the apple . This is my choice.

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