Apple’s iTune App Store Hits 100k!

Apple announced the release of 100,000 apps are now available via the iTunes App Store (via NYTimes)

Of course, not all are wonderful, beautiful or practical, but the app store has changed the game for so many. Almost every phone that has been released in the last year has attempted some kind of app store to complement the phone – but no one has been able to draw the users or the developers the way Apple has.

New apps are released daily, updates happen frequently and there are countless ways for users to find out what would work for them for free or low cost. Nintendo just saw a 50% decline of portable sales (from iPhonetalk)- with much being attributed to the iPhone and iTouch pulling the users from the single use (but very nice) Nintendo DS to the Apple devices. Aside from the cost of the DS games ($20+) the iPhone/iTouch does so much more…

Thoughts or comments – let us know.


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