Google intros GPS Navigation for the phone – and it’s “free!”

A couple of years ago we received a TomTom GPS unit from some friend when we moved back to NJ as a house warming gift. We love it! The units are low cost (especially over the last few years), they are getting smarter and more connected – but at the end of the day, it is a one trick pony.

For about $50 a year I can update the maps (this is important and a great feature with the roads and overpasses changing all the time) and the best part is it is not tied into one vehicle. Go on a trip in someone else’s car – bring the GPS.

Now Google changes things yet again with a Maps+Navigation for their Android phones (Specifically Verizon’s Droid). What does this do/mean for the average user.

First, Google is expected to make this available for other phones (iPhone being one of them) so in the coming months, an update could come to the iPhone that would allow the already good and effective Google Maps to just include a turn-by-turn navigation solution. For Free!

Tomtom has a iPhone app which has been received well but costs 3/4 of what a standard stand-alone unit would cost – which does not make a lot of sense (to me).

Keep an eye out for the update/app for the iPhone that will tie together turn-by-turn navigation AND the Google maps (and include some read-time, internet-enabled traffic and updates for the maps as soon as google plops them onto the internet.


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