Snow Leopard a bit later

After close to a week of using Snow Leopard, I’m happy, but for the day ti day user – there is no rush…

I ran an upgrade on my MacBook and a clean install on the iMac in the office. The iMac is running very well and the daily applications I use have been updated and work well with Snow Leopard (Pages, Safari, MarsEdit, Tweetie, Firefox).

If you use other applications that you are not sure about, check this snow leopard wiki site for the latest information about what software works, what does not and what updates are available to allow the system to work properly.

I have ordered a new drive for the MacBook that when it arrives I’m going to clean install Snow Leopard on that drive and reinstall my key apps, migrate data (music and photos) and then keep the ole 250gb drive as a backup for a couple of weeks. The new drive is a 7200rpm 320gb drive that I’m really interested in seeing if there will be performance improvements – more to come on that front (next week I’m hoping).

Apple is also said to be testing 10.6.1 already which could mean a October update to bring the OS to a more mature state (already). There are not a ton of noticeable changes so again if you are jumping at the new Apple OS cause you want something new, hold yer horses… If you are ready to spend the $25-30 on the latest and greatest, grab it from Amazon (link below).


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