Snow Leopard first impressions

Apple released Snow Leopard 10.6 today (Friday Aug 28, 2009). It costs $29 for single user, $49 for “family pack” and is designed to be a upgrade to Leopard (10.5.x) as opposed to a full-on system rebuild. It runs quicker and quite a bit smaller (not requiring as many resources or hard disk space). The system now requires an Intel processor (no more G4/G5) so keep that in mind before plunking down $30.

I did an upgrade of my 10.5.8 MacBook this evening and so far the improvements have not been all that visible. There have been a few applications that are not running (anything you use from day-to-day test out to confirm you are running the latest version and a version that will run under Snow Leopard (one I came across was 1Password – which I use ALL the time). I need to upgrade to a beta of version 3 to have it work with Snow Leopard (and be integrated into the browsers the way it is in Leopard).

Quicktime has been updated as well. At the end of the day, if you are not a cutting edge user, you can wait a little bit (maybe for 10.6.1) and for all the various applications to be updated to work smoothly with 10.6…


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