iPhone 3.0.1

The end of July provided an interesting twist of fate for Apple (specifically iPhone owners) that should not be ignored…

An issue (exploit) was found in the iPhone software that would allow someone to send a text to a phone (or a whole bunch of phones) and take control of the device. Someone could dial a number, running safari or using the camera/mic. This is one of the first issues I have seen for an Apple product in years that I wanted to get fixed as soon as possible.

Apple released a free security update for the iPhone (3.0.1) which protects against this attack and should be installed on all iPhones (any model running iPhone 3.0 software). Connect the iPhone, open iTunes and “Check for updates”. The system should report 3.0.1 is available. Download and install as soon as possible.

Again these downloads and installs take at least 15 minutes so don’t start it on the way out the door, but do it as soon as possible. Questions or comments, let us know…


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One response to “iPhone 3.0.1”

  1. Lori says :

    thanks scott! just updated!

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