iTouch 3.0

After ordering a few iTouch devices for work, I assumed that since the 3.0 software has been out for about a month it would be included with any shipping product (e.g. Apple is shipping all iPhones with 3.0 now).

I assumed… The iTouch was delivered and I cracked one open to check it out (I have the iPhone but not played too much with the Touch). Plugged it in and version 2.2.1 was installed. Ok, refurb, maybe someone missed something so I call Apple figuring some nice person will say – “oops, just download it from here or let me attach it to your iTunes account and all will be good” but no such luck.

The Apple support person was very friendly and helpful but said – you will need to pay the $9.95 to get the 3.0 software. Boo! I’m doing some more reading to see if Apple or iTunes states anywhere that the Touch ships with 2.2.1 and the update is a pay for thing…

Anyone else have any experience or thoughts… Let us know. This is rather disappointing for me.

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