EA Mobile Plans 8 lb Gorilla

Electronic Arts has started a “micro-studio” named 8 lb Gorilla. This studio’s focus will be on the iPhone/iTouch markets and shoot to produce on $0.99 game about every month.

Any person that has been around for a bit in the tech world knows about EA. They create some of the best sports and strategy games for the consoles and PCs, but this will focus efforts on a growing and exciting market of the iPhone/iTouch where a game can be bought and downloaded instantly and at a penny less than a dollar, without any kind of buyer remorse.

I think about buying Tiger Woods ’10 for the XBox 360, but at about $60, I really need to want it and “invest” in it – not only for the game but the time to play it. Even the $1.99-4.99 games from EA (e.g. SimCity, Spore or Mass Effect Galaxy), I want to believe I’ll spend some time playing, not just a couple of times on the train home…

Zombies & Me is the first from the 8 lb Gorilla and looks to be a simple, creative and exciting game that for $0.99 will draw a number of people into the game and get them hooked (and looking for the next app next month).

Anyone play Zombies & Me? Comments or reviews, please let us know.


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