Even the web felt the weight of Farah, Ed and Michael

Last night I was sitting in front of the computer doing some email and general browsing, but things felt VERY sluggish. I saw a facebook post about Michael Jackson (I did not know until about 8:30p that we had also lost him this week).

I went to NYTimes, to CNN, to Google News. There was plenty of news, but getting to it was slow or almost impossible… Interesting. The internet has become the conduit for 90% of news information (I did not think to go to the TV and turn on CNN or MSNBC, hum). What will this teach us from a technology standpoint?

I started looking for some backing of this theory and found this from TechCrunch. It looks like Twitter started the news and fed people to news sites for confirmation.

What does this mean for those who manage the backbone of the internet? The death of Michael Jackson garners global interest and put a strain on the internet like no other (to this point apparently). Hopefully backbone, news outlets and others will take a look at the info and figure out how they can keep data flowing in times where disseminating global information is important and protect against this in the months and years to come…



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