Google Voice coming VERY SOON

Google Voice (as I first discovered it – Grand Central over 2 years ago) is approaching an Open to the Public State.

David Pogue has done articles for the NYTimes on the solution, and today, NBC’s Today Show also did a segment on it.

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For many it appears as if Google is ready to take the wraps off this tool for the public. I have had a number for over 2 years and been pointing the calls to various cell phones or home/work numbers.

I really like the solution for my clients. They do not need to learn a new number, I can “screen” the calls and get a transcribed email if I cannot pick up at a moment in time (which is nice since I do not need to dial in and listen to a message) and call out using the number.

The dial out is not something I have used until today… This is AWESOME. I can call a client from my “work” number from any phone on my list. For example, I dial client A) from google voice and pick my iPhone. A call comes into my cell phone and I pick it up – the the call goes back out of my phone to the dialed number.

Awesome, simple and again a client is not getting confused by a call coming from a unknown number… More to come as google releases this to the general public.



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