Microsoft's Software Removal Tool updated

One of the most frequent attacks and “backdoors” into the home and business computer has been the fake virus warning and subsequent removal tools. Microsoft is working on protecting the users and Windows from these alerts and software (via CNET).

I know a number of people that are just minding their business and get a very professional and Windows-esque alert telling them they may be infected with a virus or trojan. Many times the alert cannot be closed or informs the user the best and only way to remove the alert and virus is with their antivirus software (generally costing $25-50).

In some cases, paying the money (“extortionware”) will get rid of the alert but not leave you with anything aside from $50 lighter in the purse. In other cases the user will get some kind of antivirus tool, but since it is not from the “big boys” (Mcafee, Symantec or AVG) the updates may not be as good or may not exist at all. The software may also have planted or left a path in the system for keyloggers, malware or other bad software. Keep your eyes peeled and check with Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center.

If you see an alert that does not come from windows or a known AV software, I would highly suggest downloading and running a few of the following tools:

  • Adaware
  • Malwarebytes
  • Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool
  • AVG
  • This is something to take seriously since the “infection” could be compromising your machine and all your personal information. Other questions – let us know…


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