The new MacBooks

Apple yesterday officially updated the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines. One of the first and biggest things people notice is the price drop (which is welcome in the current economy – and lets face it, all the time).

The MacBook (which most have considered the “consumer line”) is the only plastic-cased laptop remaining. For $999 the MacBook is a solid laptop with all the wireless and portability needs most people need. The processor is quick and has all the same capabilities to run current and foreseeable software from Apple (for at least the next 3-5 years). The MacBook can also run Pro apps, but they are not going to be as efficient as running on a “Pro” machine which has a dedicated graphic processor.

The MacBook Pro (15″ and 17″) machines have been joined by the Aluminum 13″ (former MacBook like). All three machines have NVIDIA GeForce mobile graphic cards, can support up to 8GB of RAM (woof!) and support 250-500GB hard drives or up to 256GB Solid State Drives. They also squeezed in an SD Card slot (a slot for most camera memory cards) for quick access and download of images.

Prices have also dropped. The 13″ starts at $1199 and climbs to a reasonable $1499. The 15″ sits squarely at $1699, $1999 and $2299 and the 17″ is still the big-ticket item (though cheaper than before) at $2499.

Last but not least is the Air line. The biggest things here was the cost for these wonderfully small machines was a premium (about $300 more than a MacBook but without a DVD drive and less storage). With the costs of the memory and components coming down, the Air machines have beefed up in storage capacities and processing speeds and slid down from the $2000 price range to $1499 and $1799. Again, if you have been looking at the Air longingly, take another look, this may be the time!

All in all, if you have been looking for an Apple portable, now is the time to buy it. You will get about 6 months out of it before it gets refreshed yet again 🙂


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