WWDC Next Week

Apple’s World-wide developer conference kicks off on Monday (June 8, 2009) and the pieces seem to be coming together. The details are a bit fuzzy, but a number of things are making sense.

First, the iPhone will get an update.

  • Right now, we know the new iPhone 3.0 software will be released or be available shortly. This will work on all iPhones and iTouch devices (though cost $9.99 on the iTouch).
  • There is an expected update to the iPhone as well. A new case, maybe some improved hardware for faster cellular and wifi network connections
  • The expectation is that the capacity of the device will also be increased (to 16/32GB models)
  • A “low-cost” iPhone is also bubbling around the rumor mill and could provide an interesting tool for a market that may not be interested in spending $200 for a phone.
  • Many people believe the new models will have some improvements, and I would highly recommend anyone considering an iPhone or iTouch wait another week to see what Apple has in store (you most likely will get faster, larger, some new bells and whistles) if you wait.

    The MacBook like may also get a bump. With the release last week of the low-cost white plastic MacBook now faster than the aluminum MacBooks, the expectations is there will be some improvements to the MacBook line, but will it just be faster Macs and larger hard drives, no one really has a handle on this.

    The release of Snow Leopard (10.6) is coming along and my personal hope is the new OS will be released and available by the middle of the summer (if not sooner). I would love to see 10.6 in stores next week! I would update my machines in a moment.

    Anyone have any other thoughts or insight? Let us know. As usual next week will be exciting for Apple and the technology world. The Palm Pre is now available and Apple’s new iPhones and iPhone 3.0 software will be directly compared to the new Pre (which has received some very good reviews).

    More to come next week as the rumors become reality…


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