Why should everyone buy a Mac…

The other evening I spoke with a friend who was frustrated with their home PC (Windows XP) and felt they were getting close to a “reasonable” time for updating their PC (about 3 years).

The question is frequently the same: What are the downsides to the Mac (aside from the costs – which honestly is non-existant)? Personally, the day-to-day support is a lot easier and I feel that the Mac provides the function of tool vs. the needs to think about your home PC as a job to protect, scan and defragmentation to make sure it is available to you daily.

The biggest challange for many is an ingrained life surrounded by Microsoft products. For many, home and personal computers have been Windows systems for the last 10 years and the move to Mac can be a shift in how a user thinks and works. For some this is a hurdle they may not be able to overcome.

I would highly suggest going to a local Apple store and spending some time with a sales person or playing on your own (believe me, if you mess up a Mac in a store – they system will be back running in minutes that is what they do…)

If after a few minutes you feel like this is something you can absorb – do the math, look at what you do with your home computer and make an educated decision. Any priced computer is too expensive if it sits around collecting dust.

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