New Microsoft Ads

As with all advertising, the goal is to educate and create a situation where someone decides they have learned what is best and go out “empowered” to purchase the best X (soda, computer, music…)

Microsoft has been working again for the last few months to catch up to the Mac vs PC ads that Apple has been blanketing the airwaves with and prints with since 2006. The latest ads (coined “the laptop hunters” are clever (especially in the current financial market by pushing the cost of purchasing a Mac vs a PC).

As with most Mac users, they take these ads personally and look at the nitty gritty (exact machine specs) and discover many times the initial costs may be lower, but Microsoft is not (as with most advertising) telling the whole truth… For 80% of the population looking for a computer, these ads strike a cord and next time they are at BestBuy looking for a Computer, they will resonate.

A new ad hit the airwaves this week discussing iTunes and the iPod talking about how it would cost $30,000 to fill a iPod with iTunes purchased music. Of course in the ad, Microsoft touts how the costs would only be $15/month with a Zune membership.

I continue to think the subscription model has merits, but for $15/month you only keep 10 songs.

With a monthly Zune Pass music subscription, you can download millions of tracks from Zune Marketplace* for the price of one CD a month ($14.99). Play them whenever you want on up to three computers and three players, for as long as you keep your subscription up to date. You also get to keep 10 of your favorite songs each month to add to your permanent collection. That’s $10 worth of songs you know you already love.

Notice the line “as long as you keep your subscription up to date.” You end the Zune Subscription the music goes away! Ah, fine print…

Any thoughts or comments? Share please!


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