ATT may drop iPhone plans by $10/Month

There is talk that ATT may be reducing the monthly costs for the iPhone base plan from $69/month to $59/month (via Macnn).

In my mind ATT is realizing they have the massive quantities of iPhone adopters and the income is still greater than they hoped. As an ATT (and Verizon) customer, I’m seeing ATT make strides in improving the 3G network (in the Tri-state area) and personally that has made it that much easier to be part of the ATT system.

There still are some strange “holes” (e.g. when I travel from NJ to NY through the tunnel on NJTransit, Verizon phones do NOT loose signal (believe me, people talk the entire way from Penn Station to Maplewood) while the iPhone drops the signal through the tunnel.

Once you emerge from either side, signal and service resumes. The rumor pegs the possible price adjustments to come around WWDC in June.


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