Could the iPhone be coming to Verizon

Following some discussion about ATT working on extending the agreements with Apple for exclusive iPhone distribution, there is some rumblings (from and USAToday) about Verizon making a play for a piece of the Apple iPhone pie.

With the advent of 4G (Verizon is working on this next generation and ATT is said to be about a year behind that). Could this mean the end of exclusive iPhones from ATT (coming in 2010)?

After all is said and done – the iPhone has (seemed to me) to have pushed ATT to pick up the game and support the most widely seen cell phone since – well since NEVER. Apple’s iPhone is drawing people to the device an in return (as seen in the last earning reports from ATT and Apple) helping both companies remain in the black in a very tough economic time.

Thoughts or comments, let us know.


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