AT&T Increasing 3G speeds

AT&T has taken it bumps from agreeing to what has become THE phone to have – the iPhone.

Everyone is expecting a new phone to arrive with the iPhone 3.0 software this summer and AT&T seems to be working very hard to keep up with the technology needs of the hottest phone on the planet. A recent article [] talks about AT&T working at increasing the downlink capacity from 3.6-7.2megabits/second (2x the speeds).

After moving from the 1st Gen iPhone to the 3G iPhone months ago, I noticed the speeds of the 3G network were very good (in the NYC/Boston areas where I use the phone 95% of the time). If they could double download speeds – I would be VERY happy!

Secondly, but not less important would need to be the general use of the phone when using it as an – I don’t know, phone… Verizon has kept us as customers mostly because we do not want to go to AT&T, but the funds from ALL those iPhone sales seem to be going to good use and improving infrastructure (as they should).

We’ll see if we all see the speed improvements come June/July when the new iPhones (hopefully) arrive, iPhone 3.0 software hits AND AT&T rolls out this “enhanced network”.


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