10.5.7 any day now…

A few things are alluding to the release of 10.5.7 (the next update to Apple’s OS). Quicker releases to developers, a hint with a new graphic card (Quadro FX 4800)from Nvidia stating that 10.5.7 is required…

I’m expecting that we will see 10.5.7 in software update this week…

There may be a couple additional releases this summer prior to 10.6, but I’m itching for that release. There are so many things this release is said to do, mostly I’m looking to get something that is better optimized for the newest Intel Macs.

As soon as 10.5.7 hits – I’ll share the news.

A few updates:
The news is out (via appleinsider.com) that there still remains a few issues with 10.5.7 delaying the release. Bluetooth and Safari 4 issues are among the problem areas. As mentioned above, Nvidia is stating that 10.5.7 is required for the new card so the update cannot be far off. More to come as available.

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