Groceries for the iPhone


Groceries is a iPhone app from the Sophia, a fantastic iPhone developer. As it’s name implies, Groceries is a simple but elegant shopping list for the iPhone. I sat down this morning with Groceries for a bit and found it to be intuitive and effective.

Here is my situation: I rarely go to the grocery store (my wife on the other hand goes multiple times a week to multiple stores). When we go to the “grocery store” that can mean 1) Costco, 2) Whole Foods 3) Trader Joes. What we get at each location varies and stock varies. Right now we do the usual paper list on the fridge. I’m out of half and half, I write it down – my wife on the next trip to Costco hopefully remembers the list, if not, she calls me and asks if I need more half and half. Generally I say yes and then discover we have 3 remaining in the fridge giving us a total of 5-6 for the next month or two…

When I am tasked to run to the store for 1) Milk 2) Red peppers and 3) Chicken I write it down and generally get to the store and call my wife at home because I feel like I’m missing something…

Not anymore! This is an App I’m getting my wife with her iPhone…
If you are looking for something to organize multiple lists for multiple frequent trips to the store – this is your App!

Another iPhone App from Sophia – Tipulator (check this out too!)
I purchased Tipulator quite a while ago and use it for the issues I have with basic math of calculating a tip to breaking a check up four ways. Tipulator fills the gap on the iPhone that many phones, palms or blackberries have with a simple but quick access tip calculator.


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