Darkness for the iPhone


Bjango has a wonderful tool called Darkness for those who need to or desire to know more about the current time in multiple locations.

At first glance it appears to be a beautiful extension of Apple’s world clock with a bit more information and graphic feedback – but it is so much more…

Phases of the moon, current time in your location (based on a quick GPS read) as well as locations you would like to track. Again the height of the sun in the graphic provides a quick glance as to if it is morning, mid-day or night.

Now I stumbled across this last night (and have a widget, Sol for it on my mac), I click on my current location and I can see what time of the day sunrise, noon, sunset, moonrise and moonset along with the total hour/minutes of daylight (even how many more minutes from the previous day).

If you travel or are just looking for more day-to-day information about your location (or if you have enough time for a run at the end of the day), check out Darkness. Highly recommended!


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