More Google labs features

Google has kicked it up again in the last couple of days with a few more lab features. In the last two additions to Google Labs, Google introduced “Sender time zone” and “Inserting images“.

The Sender Time Zone when enabled puts a little red or green phone next to the users name. The idea is it “knows” what time it is in the local time zone the message was sent from. For example, you get up early, and there is an email from a coworker in Los Angeles CA (who sent it last night). You review and realize you need to call and clarify something. The “alert” will inform you that it is actually too early (about 4am). Cool – you have just been saved from a voicemail or worse, a groggy coworker who gets the call…

The second recent addition is Images in email. Google notes that this could be done before with some workarounds, but they have incorporated it right into gmail. If you are using “Rich Formatting” you will have an icon for a picture. Type up the email and insert the image. The image will now be inserted right into the message for the recipient.

Personally I love the additions Google has made with Labs, and I love that I can enable or disable some of these items (depending on how or if I need them). Thoughts?


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