Conficker gets an update

In an interesting twist, the Conficker virus has not done anything huge as expected on April 1, but over the last couple of days the virus has reached back out to tighten some controls and protect itself from anti-virus software (via NYTimes). It also is pulling an encrypted “payload” which is causing some delays with the companies finding out what it is trying to do since the level of protection is so high.

The update also run though a series of checks to make sure the infected computer has internet connections (via CNET). The antivirus companies have been watching, working and updating as they find ways to slow down or eliminate the malware.

One of the coolest things that came out of this is a “eye chart” for seeing if you may have the virus. Go to this page and see what happens. There is a key at the bottom to review the results. Simple but effective.

Yesterday (April 9), researchers have declared that this comes down to money (via CNET). As with many of the latest malware, if they can take control of your PC, many times they just want to send out spam and generate a penny or so per message delivered (multiply that by millions of infected PCs).

If you think you have or do have a variant of Conficker, you should do everything you can to remove it since it could be used steal personal and/or financial information. Questions or concerns, let us know.


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