march madness

Personally I am not much of a sport fan (which may be an understatement). I will watch sports with friends (Superbowl or a Playoff game), but I do not go out of my way. I like going to basketball games and an occasional baseball game and football games are generally cold. Even “my” school (Syracuse) where I attended from the late 80’s to mid-90’s I’ll follow and generally pick in the brackets to go all the way, does not drive me to sit up until the wee hours of the morning watching the game (I will look for the final on NYTimes or highlights on ESPN the following morning).

Last night I watched the last 8 minutes of the Villanova-Pitt game and remembered why the term March Madness is SO fitting! These games (generally) go down to the wire. The passion for play and winning is awesome!

I know this post is completely off topic from the general tech post, but looking at the brackets and who is left to play, there are some amazing games coming up!


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