iPhone 3.0 (Summer '09)

Apple announced a week ago they will be releasing iPhone 3.0 this summer (it will be a free upgrade for iPhone owners and cost $9.95 for iTouch owners – which is the same thing they did when iPhone 2.0 was released).

Anyway, I spent about a week playing with iPhone 3.0 on the iPhone and I am very excited for the simple changes (cut and paste for one) the new software will bring to the iPhone. The GPS pinpoints much quicker, the system has a global search (spotlight for the iPhone) and push notification (so if I leave AIM I can still be alerted someone has sent a note to me).

I did finally revert my iPhone back to 2.2.1 because there were too many problems (stability and some applications will require tweaks to run smoothly in the new OS) in this early release to allow me to work efficiently (as I need to do with this device to do).

Apple has two things coming down the line that I am VERY excited about right now:
Snow Leopard (which should be announced in the next month or so, though things have been quiet on the Mac OS front as of late)
iPhone 3.0 (expected for June 2009).

The only other question that is floating about is if there is new iPhone 3.0 software, will an iPhone 3rd Generation be part of the announcement? No solid news on that yet, though the talk is picking up that there may be one… As with Apple, they always keep us guessing…


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