Safari 4 Public Beta

Apple has released an update for Safari (for those brave souls out there that like beta software). I downloaded for the Mac and PC. I had it on the Mac for about 2 days and have uninstalled it…

The new version has a lot of things I like:
Coverflow for history/New Tabs (most opened sites)
Tabs on top (not huge, but nice)
Faster (it sure seemed that way – BUT)

The biggest issue I had is I use google for everything these days and I could not get my gmail to open (would work find in Firefox 3.06 and Safari 3.2.1 (with offline and google gears), but not in Safari 4.

If you are someone who like to play with what’s next, check out the Safari 4 Beta (there is a good uninstaller too – I know, I used it…)

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