google for EVERYTHING…

Over the last week I have been working with Google to test their Apps solution in a business environment. I have email going to both my Outlook and Gmail addresses and it is working well.

I’m testing the premiere account with 25gb of email storage (gasp!), docs and calendar (main focus). I really like it. I’m working with the google sync tool to get my calendar from Outlook to GMail – working well, though having some issues getting all the contacts from the organization to “the cloud”.

Right now with our internal exchange server chugging along at about 190GB (for ~100 users=about 2GB/user on average) and the management of this server is tough to schedule and manage (never mind the costs of AV and Spam protection solutions – which are good and oh, so important) – I’m really considering handing Google our email.

They had a hiccup yesterday, but fact of the matter is I spent a lot more time and dealt with a lot more long-term issues following a spam infection within our walls than the 2-4 hours google was not responding yesterday morning…

Thoughts, share…


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