google sync for the iPhone (and others)

google has released instructions (they have the back-end in place – that is all you really need) to sync calendar and contacts to your iPhone via the cellular network.

first, very cool! I use google calendar a lot, contacts – not so much and gmail is my main email solution so – i was prepping to get this working as soon as i read this, BUT come to find out it uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

What is the big deal you say? Well if you are already using an iPhone for Exchange support (via activesync) you (currently) can only have one exchange account active at a time so i have to disable work (not an option) or sit on my hands and see if they come up with some other solution (from apple or google) to get this working.

If you do not have a business or exchange account already set up, check this out and let us know how it all works for you.

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