gmail offline coming to labs

google has released an offline solution for labs. I’m so excited to have this – but it has not been enabled on my gmail account yet (should be by the end of the week).

with the use of google gears for windows or the mac this will allow you to download your emails to your machine and sync the system back to the server when back online.

what i obviously love about this is i can be on the train, do not need to be online and read email and create new messages and when online and home/work again it will all catch up. anyone have the lab featured on their gmail?


UPDATE: A couple of days ago the option appears in my google gmail labs setting area. I enabled it and then started the sync. It took about 10 minutes to sync and update all the info on the laptop. From there it requested that a short cut on the desktop. So now if traveling offline I can read any email that has been synced to the laptop, reply to it and then when back online, the system will send or adjust with the gmail. Great work!


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