Freshbooks for 2009


A while back I spoke about Freshbooks, an online invoicing system. I have avoided it (until now) for a number of reasons:
Everything is online so if I’m traveling home, I cannot create an invoice unless I have the internet connection.
The cost of the service starts around $14/month and the software costs ~$100 (one time).
What if Freshbooks goes away, where is my data???

Freshbooks is doing a 2009 promo so I signed up for a month for free. Step one, done. I have been doing more of my reporting with Pages and a template (vs. the software I was using before) so I have broken the chain anyway. I’m giving it a go for 2009…

I also LOVE the fact that Freshbooks has been making a name for itself, working hard and producing a good product that they continue to update the online solutions (last update was done just a few days ago on the 14th).

If you are looking for a tool to track clients, estimates and invoices (along with sending the invoice out via email – or postal mail – AND getting payment via paypal or the like), look no further.


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One response to “Freshbooks for 2009”

  1. Chris Monaghan says :

    Another invoicing option is Time59 ( It’s targeted at solo professionals and is a great solution if you don’t need (or want to pay for) the multi-user capability of Freshbooks (great product by the way). Bottom line: If you are solo and bill by the hour it is definitely worth a look. The first 30 days are free.

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